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solutions architect job description

Please keep in mind that candidates can be declined from the position at any stage of the process. To learn more about someone who may be conducting the interview, find their job title on our team page. GitLab’s Director, Alliances & Channels Solution Architects provides strategic vision and builds and develops an exceptional team of partner-focused Solution Architects. This person leads the team responsible https://iforti.com/2021/03/01/kompleks-marketinga/ for providing technical consultancy for channel and alliance partners of all types. Capture and share best-practice knowledge amongst the GitLab community and other channel solution architects. In partnership with the channel sales team, formulate and execute a sales, solution and practice strategy to exceed revenue targets through the delivery of solutions & services that drive the adoption of GitLab.

A Job Description For A Software Solutions Architect

Having a clear vision for the project, and a clear understanding of the client’s business needs, a solutions architect maps out the parts that will constitute the software solution and how they are going to work together. Once solution architects are given a problem, they are not only in charge of finding the answers, but of actively leading the technical vision to success. Most solution architects have spent many years in the software development world and have therefore learned dozens of tools designed to help them be more effective and productive. Solution architecture is the underpinning for any IT project, regardless of whether you actually adopt this practice or not.

The field solution architect is responsible for working together with internal and external sales department to plan, organize, and sales strategies. The role of a solution architect is to ensure the product meets business requirements and requirements from other stakeholders. The primary role of a solution architect is to ensure the product meets business requirements and requirements from other stakeholders. The main role of a solution architect is to ensure the product meets business Scaled agile framework requirements and requirements from other stakeholders. This quality enables them to adjust their communication to speak with company personnel who don’t come from an IT background. They value continued education, and always look for ways to improve their understanding of IT technologies and how they can benefit businesses. Further, a good Solution Architect has superb attention to detail, helping them identify trends in business operations and develop IT solutions accordingly.

solutions architect job description

AWS is a rapidly growing platform that requires expertise from professionals with a specialized skill set to implement and troubleshoot technical elements. It’s no surprise that many tech professionals are sharpening their skill sets in the hopes of landing high-paying specialized Code review roles such as an AWS Developer or AWS Solutions Architect. Additionally, he should have a supporting role in the project management domain, ensuring that planning, resources, commitments and risk recognition stay in line with the solution under defined procedures.

A solutions architect is an IT expert with a client-oriented role in the business world. This person is in charge of upgrading an organization’s information technology architecture.

How To Prepare For Your Solutions Architect Job Interview

They needed someone who could communicate with their clients while the contract is being prepared . Basically, as soon as a software engineer starts thinking about business Building design needs, they are on their way to becoming a solution architect. They bridge business requirements and tech means developers need to use to meet these requirements.

Similar to other types of systems or computer network architects, solution architects work full time, with the occasional required overtime. Very little physical activity is associated with this career, but it may involve meeting strict deadlines and performance standards. Solution architects possess a balanced mix of technical and business skills, and are responsible for the design of one or more applications or services within an organization.

They concentrate on framing the top technology solution to meet a specific business need in their area of expertise, whether its applications, hardware or infrastructure services. The technologies solutions provided by the architect is one of the key factors for increased customer satisfaction. Expectedly, the role of a solution architect requires technical education and hands-on experience across all major areas of the software development process as well as hardware engineering expertise . Solution Architects design, describe and manage technology solutions to solve business problems. They need a clear understanding of how systems in place work and what the client’s pain points and business needs are.

A Solution Architect, or IT Solution Architect, is responsible for using their knowledge of computer systems to help their employer solve business problems. The overarching goal of an enterprise architect is to ensure that the company has smooth development lifecycles and uses available resources for every enterprise application effectively.

This Solution Architect position is responsible for overall architecture, product management, and delivery of analytics systems. This role is also responsible for modeling complex business problems and discovering business insights through the use of statistical, algorithmic, mining and visualization techniques. This role also contributes to building and developing the organization’s data infrastructure and support the Management Team with insights, reports and analysis for decision-making processes. In general, the solutions architect’s role is to explain the business requirements to the development team and lead them in building a product that can solve real business issues effectively. The position is very responsible and requires a wide-ranging IT skillset and knowledge. With companies increasingly relying on software and emerging technologies, the role of a solutions architect will continue to gain weight.

These schools are located throughout the United States, but many of their programs are available online. Stanley Community College and the Community College of Philadelphia, for example, have programs that prepare students for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam. As project lead, you will need to make micro-decisions to achieve larger project and business goals. You identify workers’ talents, mentor your employees, and lay people off as needed. Architects manage a project’s scope and timeline to ensure that development targets are hit. They also notify relevant stakeholders about the status of the product and budget, making sure that everyone is on the same page.

Solution Architect Job Description Template

However this individual should have experience with a major language and be able to help direct teams and template in various ecosystems. Solutions architects should have a strong technical background, experience in development, ability to communicate with dev teams & engineers, and have superior analytical skills to identify best fit optimizations. It requires technical education, managerial experience, and hands-on experience across software, hardware, development, and implementation. While many companies already have an operating system, they may need to modify existing information systems or add a new system that can seamlessly integrate and communicate with existing systems. Solution Architects are also responsible for determining the scope of these projects before the developers start major work.

  • It also involves overseeing application architecture requirements and deployment in cloud environments.
  • Provide guidance to junior developers in the form of code review, solution design, and recommended training and development plans.
  • The Enterprise Solution Architect is also responsible for working with both business and technology stakeholders on defining the architecture and high level design on important and complex projects and programs.
  • Having an advanced understanding of business analytics and business processes is essential.

This mediation is beneficial for brainstorming ideas and identifying possible solutions that engineers will present to the client. Evaluate an organization’s needs, analyzing factors including enterprise specifics and the technology environment to design or modify systems architecture. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a computer network architect earned an average salary of $75,660 in 2010. This is a fast-growing solutions architect job description field though with more businesses automating services and developing online databases that require functionality and security. The BLS projects employment of these IT workers to increase 22 percent from 2010 to 2020. The greatest number of job opportunities in this field are in large cities or near a particular company’s headquarters. Solutions architects can also focus on specific domains like retail or telecommunications.

Solutions Architect Meaning: What Does A Solutions Architect Do?

This digital transformation demands a specific expertise and a set of practices to align business focus with technology solutions. To stay competitive and efficient, tech-based and tech-heavy companies design integrating guidelines, best practices and processes to follow when vulnerabilities arise in applications and information systems. It is the job of the Solutions Architect to offer their services to such companies, designing and integrating information and computer systems as a solution to these vulnerabilities while following predesigned guidelines. Solutions Architects continue to be an in-demand quantity in such businesses, as they serve as consultants to their clients, offering up much-needed insight and advice. Those interested in a career in Solutions Architecture need to be tech-savvy, have a mind for business as well as have excellent interpersonal skills. The Enterprise Solution Architect provides direction, guidance, and definition of the enterprise architecture for One Technologies in support of the business strategy. The Enterprise Solution Architect is also responsible for working with both business and technology stakeholders on defining the architecture and high level design on important and complex projects and programs.

Candidates should also have a demonstrated skill to think strategically about business, products, and technical problems. The Solutions Architect helps drive value and change with software development for one of the fastest-growing platforms.

An AWS Solutions Architect works on troubleshooting, understanding new emerging technologies, and configuring problems. The tasks are endless and are in-demand for many companies shifting to the cloud. Companies look for people who perform solutions architect duties only when their projects become more complex and challenging. It’s like hiring a super-senior developer but with deep expertise in a specific field—healthcare, education, traveling, or any other. For solution architects, the business side of the product matters as much as the technical side. Solution Architects typically work for corporations across industries, but they can also work for specialized IT or software firms to perform outsourced work.

The enterprise architect has the broadest view of the company’s current state of architecture and target goals. It is this expert who is responsible for creating a strategic plan of implementing https://nichetelcomm.com/birzhevye-kotirovki-onlajn-v-realnom-vremeni-kurs/ technical changes. This person works closely with top-level executives and decision-makers as he or she demonstrates them the business value of suggested technical initiatives.

Solution Architect Duties & Responsibilities 6

Develop strategies and operations to improve GitLab partner practices and solutions as they pertain to delivering GitLab-based solutions for our customers. Assist the sales SA team with customer engagements that involve coordination between alliance partner technologies.

You make a good point that to find a solution architecture function to see what’s best for the building you’ll need technology assessment and comparison. This is why it’s good to hire an architect since they can either do that before constriction or even check a building before adding on to it. If a company is not sure whether their building is structurally sound, it would be good to hire a property condition assessment service as well to see what they need to work on.